Our guest this time around are @Toffee, @Fabian and of course @CyberSecStu. We will be looking at various ransomware families that have been prevalent in the past 5 years, explore the common and often hilarious mistakes that were made and relentlessly mock the authors who made them. The goal is to give a non-exhaustive perspective on what can and does go wrong when implementing cryptography based on real world examples.

@Toffee is a ransomware hunter and malware analyst at Emsisoft. She Loves polar bears.
@Fabian is responsible for keeping Emsisoft ahead of the curve and our users protected. Emsisoft’s resident geek and
polar bear lover.

While both our guests work for Emsisoft, this is not a sponsored session. They're here on their own dime and out of the goodness of their hearts

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[14 Dec 2017] Pouring salt into the crypto wound: How not to be as stupid as ransomware authors