On the 7th December 2019, 20:00 GMT the first edition of BeerCon, named conveniently BeerConOne or #BC1, launched and continued without breaks for over 24 hours.

The Beer Farmers featuring Mike, Ian, Sean and John interviewed over 60 speakers in 20 minutes slots - and, allegedly, survived.

Apart from the general fun and games, Beer Con One has a fundraising campaign going (until Dec. 31 2019) with EFF and Mental Health Hackers as its beneficiaries - please have a look at the campaign page and
The Beer Farmers website for more details.

The con audio wizard and producer, Matt having survived the 24h marathon took the burden of editing those 24h of audio into manageable sound bites, available below in one-per-speaker episodes (or pairs, on some).

We have also created a Youtube playlist if you prefer to listen to it that way (episodes are audio only there as well) and have embedded the Youtube videos here, in case audio players fail to work (we know!).

Before you dive deep into the contents, please do have listen to the opening remarks.

(and because we don't want you to miss the closing remarks:)

01: Sameh Sabry

02: Zoë Rose

03: Dr Jessica Barker & FC

04: Becky Pinkard

05: Ed Tucker

06: Wendy Edwards

07: Daniel Card

08: Viking & Rag

09: Aloria

10: Barsteward

All night long

11: Kirz10Sireciɹǝuuǝɹ

12: Gabby

13: Dave Kennedy

14: scriptjunkie

15: MZBat

16: Amanda Berlin

17: Rae Baker

18: Stu Peck

19: Troy Hunt

Easy like a Sunday Morning

20: El Jefe

21: Philip Ingham MBE

22: Ian Davies

23: Dr Daniel Dresner

24: Katelyn Bowden & Jamie Duxbury

25: Jenny Radcliffe & Stu Hirst

26: Ray [REDACTED]

27: Stu Coulson

28: RMGirl

29: Angus & Steve Wilson

30: Thomas Fischer

31: Brian Whelton & Tim Morgan

32: Dave

33: Cary Hendricks

34: Frootware

35: James Chappell & Zak Doffman

The home stretch

36: Joe Pettit

37: Kim Crawley

38: Scott McGready

39: Martin Hepworth

40: Graham Cluley & Carole Theriault

41: Lisa Forte

42: Circuit Swan

43: Hacker Fantastic

44: Katie Moussouris

45: Alyssa Miller

46: Jake Moore

47: Chloé Messdaghi

The end game

48: Harry McLaren

49: Gabe

50: Tanya Janca

51: Meadow Ellis

52: Dave Lewis