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Now let's get in-to it, we're going to be utilsing an interesting and fairly new site to my knowledge named Sopranica.

  1. First of all you'll want to head over to their site JMPChat, and select one of the numbers listed on the frontpage.


  1. You'll then be greeted by a page, which looks like the one below, this is when you'll need to either create or use an existing Jabber / XMPP ID. If you don't already have one, i'd recommend going to XMPP.is and signing up or you can go elsewhere.


  1. Now that you've inputted your XMPP ID ([email protected]), you'll be sent a code (Please ensure you have the app open), once you receive that code input it in-to the given field. After that you'll be redirected to a page with your information on.


  1. You’ll now need to install LinPhone on your iPhone and or another SIP app if you're on another platforms, https://www.linphone.org/, after putting in your code find the details on the page saying ‘Server’, ‘User-ID’, ‘Password’. Open the LinPhone app and login with SIP, then put in your details User-ID may be ‘Username’ use your brain if possible.

Note: You can Enjoy 300 Texts and 30 Minutes of calls from this for a Total of 30 days or in rare / unknown (to me) circumstances less than 30 Days.



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