I'm happy to announce that we'll be having our very first official meet-up in Dublin on May 1st (next Tuesday) in partnership with Jet.com / Walmart. Jet.com have also kindly allowed us the use of their space.

This will be an informal social gathering with speakers from The Many Hats Club and Jet.com / Walmart. Places are limited, food will be available

You can register your interest on meetup.com

6:00pm - Registration and networking
6.15pm - Opening remarks (CyberSecStu)
6.20pm - How to CTF
6.40pm - Secret Management
7.00pm - Pouring salt into the crypto wound: The mistakes of ransomware authors
7.30pm - Food and networking


Alex Flores joined Jet's Security team from a background in software development and systems administration. His IT career started with supporting systems, then fixing them, then creating them, and now breaking them. In his spare time, Alex can be found playing drums or board games, going coffee tasting, contributing to open-source security software or participating in CTF events.

Tom Maher is a security engineer at Jet. A recent immigrant from San Francisco, he’s spent his career helping folks encrypt secrets at-rest. Interests include long walks on the beach, cat pictures, and SAML signature wrapping attacks.

Toffee is a ransomware hunter and malware analyst at Emsisoft. She Loves polar bears.

Fabian is responsible for keeping Emsisoft ahead of the curve and our users protected. Emsisoft's CTO and resident geek. He is also a polar bear lover.

Jonathan Schnittger is a battle hardened software developer with a mixed and colorful background, who can't come up with a decent author bio

Who are The Many Hats Club?

The Many Hats Club is an information security focused group of individuals from all walks of life. They offer the infosec community a place to share ideas, learn, build new connections, and have open conversations with a vast cross section of the global community! No matter your experience, as long as you have a passion for everything infosec you will find a warm welcome there.

Who should attend?

Are you interested in information security? Do you care about application, infrastructure or security policy and best practice?

Where is it?

The Jet.com / Walmart offices are located at: 40 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

What time does it start?

Please arrive at 6pm, talks will start at 6.20pm

Meetup 1.0 - Dublin, May 1st 2018