I'm happy to announce that on October 23rd at 6:30 pm, The Many Hats Club will be hosting our second London meetup at Camelot Global.

Our host Meadow will introduce you to the wonderful community that is The Many Hats Club. We will have beer, soft drinks and Pizza as well as 4 amazing speakers! As part of our effort to champion new talent every meetup will have a noob half hour. This month we are having a competition to make the best meme of Stu, prize for the best one. See picture below:

Picture you should use to meme Stu

You can register your interest on meetup.com


6:30 pm - Registration, networking and pizza
6:55 pm - Opening remarks (Meadow)
7:00pm - First talk; Attacking wireless communication with low cost SDR (Jay Harris)
7.50pm - Second talk; The Pirate Queen’s Techniques to Social Engineer Her Targets (and how you can do it too) (Sharka)
8:20pm - Third talk; What is the role of a security architect in a DEV(SEC)OPS - cloud world? (David Boda and Francesco Cipollone)
9:15pm - Closing remarks (Stu) and after drinks

Talk descriptions:

Jay Harris' Talk - Software Defined Radio - Attacking wireless communication with low cost SDR:

This talk looks at the security issues associated with the type of low power wireless network technology frequently used in Internet of Things products.

Jay describe the way in which software defined radio can be used to analyse and exploit weaknesses in radio products that make no attempt to protect the over the air data.

​The talk demos reverse engineering a wireless door bell using SDR and performing replay attacks with a HackRF and a YARD Stick one.

Sharka's Talk - The Pirate Queen’s Techniques to Social Engineer Her Targets (and how you can do it too):

You can have great firewalls, IPS/IDS, have your perimeter locked down, your web applications secured but it doesn't stand a chance against social engineering tactics of Grace O'Malley; Sharka's social engineering alter ego and pirate queen from 16th century!

Sharka will describe how to use knowledge of facial expressions, body language, Chinese medicine, the whole psychology behind influence and persuasion and how to manipulate targets into believing her pretext and comply with her (evil) plans.

She will also explain what are some of the behaviours and pretexts to avoid and will step over to the defensive side as well and explain how to defend against the attacks she described.

David Boda and Francesco Cipollone from Camelot's Talk - What is the role of a security architect in a DEV(SEC)OPS - cloud world?:

The talk will narrate the evolution (joy and pain) of security architecture in a DEV(SEC)OPS world. The talk will provide some insight from architecture and higher management prospective on the journey of security in a DEV OPS world and cloud with failure, success and real world examples.


Jay Harris (@JayHarris_Sec) is a pentester, researcher and founder of Digital Interruption. He also helps run Manchester Grey Hats.

Sharka (@__Sh4rk__) is a pentester, social engineer and cybersecurity consultant at SureCloud. She has gotten bug bounties at Synack Red Team and HackerOne, and is the DC11331 Co-Founder.

David Boda has been working in cyber security for over ten years, and is the Head of Information Security for Camelot

Francesco Cipollone (@FrankSEC42) is a Cloud Security Architect with several years of experience in the Cyber security landscape. Experienced in Cloud, LAN and WAN architectures as well as data centre scenarios. He a co-author of many publications and books. He currently works at Camelot.

Who are The Many Hats Club?

The Many Hats Club is an information security focused group of individuals from all walks of life. They offer the infosec community a place to share ideas, learn, build new connections, and have open conversations with a vast cross section of the global community! No matter your experience, as long as you have a passion for everything infosec you will find a warm welcome there.

Who should attend?

Are you interested in information security? Do you enjoy interesting security related talks? Do you like free drinks and food? Then this meetup is for you.

Where is it?

The Camelot offices are located at: Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN

What time does it start?

Please arrive at 6:30 pm, talks will start at 6:55 pm



Staff member at The Many Hats Club. Ransomware hunter and malware analyst at Emsisoft. Love polar bears.

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Meetup 3.0 - London, October 23rd 2018