Join Stu (@CyberSecStu) as he talks with Claire Tills (@ClaireTills), an infosec focused Communications reasearcher. They'll talk about Claire's journey into her current roles, as well as a number of other topics, including:

  • Theories of crisis communication as it relates to information security and incident response.
  • How companies should react to a breach, and why they often suck at it.
  • Responding with the balance of technical expertise and traditional respectability.
  • How to time a breach disclosure.
  • Trust vs reputation: the right choice for companies.
  • PR and GDPR.
  • User awareness training.
  • Breach? Incident? Who cares?
  • Audience analysis and how to negotiate security.
  • FUD in the news, and why it hurts.

Main Discussion

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Ep 13, Claire Tills: Crisis Communication and Incident Response