In this episode we had Stu (@CyberSecStu) grilling Ædiot (@deleverything) on:

  • Onionland: how did he end up running one of the most-widely known Dark Web forums, what would he like it to become, also some tips on moving around Dark Web;

  • Cryptocurrency trading: apparently you can trade it and not go bankrupt, but it requires a lot of work; also why people seem to believe it's the way forward, as far as banking and investing goes;

  • OPSEC: Ædiot says it does not necessarily mean keep your name a secret, but it's a full time job that is more a mindset than just using a pseudonym online; check out the last part of the talk for more on that.

Plus some questions from the audience.

Main Discussion

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Ep. 15, Onionland, cryptocurrencies and OPSEC