This week on The Many Hats Club Stu (@CyberSecStu) was joined by the Dons of Thugcrowd (@Thugcrowd). We heard from Yuu, Dnz, MG, Solid and Jizzney Princess about the OPSEC fails and OSINT wins they’ve encountered. The discussion this time was centred on:

  • Examples of slip-ups people made that allowed someone to trace them back and bring them to justice
  • Tons of entertaining anecdotes of where the good guys tracked down the people committing the heinous trickery behind the scenes
  • We also had a quick word from Defcon about a large fundamental flaw they noticed in someone’s website that allowed them to grab admin access
  • We also go on to discuss the different things people do to maintain OPSEC, and the tips that may be worth using to make sure you don’t have an OPSEC fail of your own.

Some teasers:

"(...) I have one that ends in guns (...)”, “(...) The marketing team manager was effectively cheating on his wife… using company resources (...)”, “(...) It ended when he tried to bust into the house of one of my co-worker’s, who pulled out a gun and told him to get the f out of there (...)”, “(...) That’s… Probably a crime though right? (...)”, “(...) I think we just had an OPSEC fail right now (...)”

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Ep. 18, OPSEC fails and OSINT wins