SecJuice! We had Guise Bule (@InfosecScribe) and Nicole Beckwith (@NicoleBeckwith) talking about bringing fresh blood to the infosec community and how SecJuice came to be.

Some key points:

  • Nicole's and Guise's backgrounds - how they arrived at their current roles in information security,
  • SecJuice's story: why it happened and what are its goals,
  • Living the life of a sniper in Ohio, USA,
  • Keeping the public sector safe - blue teaming, DFIR and security awareness training at a scale.

Some takeaways:

"(...) Everyone brings something to the table. We don’t care if you’re a brand-new writer of if you’ve been writing for years (...)", “(...) Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has an experience. (...)”, “(...) I originally started this because I was pissed off (...)”

(Please excuse the audio quality, this time it was the flower girl's doing...)

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Ep. 21, Championing new InfoSec Talent