In-between one conference and the next, Jess (@drjessicabarker) and FreakyClown (@FreakyClown) from RedactedFirm have found their way into our podcast to give account of some of their adventurous activities in information security, such as:

"(...) Next thing I know, blue lights, and armed police were storming the building (...)"

The highlighs:

  • How did RedactedFirm started and how it gives back to InfoSec community; being guest curators at Cheltnham Science Festival,
  • Breaking into banks and kidnapping people (with permission, but still),
  • Speaking at conferences: how to make your first appearance and rock it,
  • Building your network of infosec connections and how it benefits your career,
  • Reaching out to the general public and raising awareness about security.

"(...) It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, apart from getting with Jess (...)", "(...) When you make something, and you’re passionate about it, you grab it with both hands and see where it goes (...)", "(...) Infosec is like a vocation – it’s a passion and you get paid to do it (...)", "(...) I remember a particular example” is back! We hear about FC’s kidnapping of a Ghurkha soldier (...)"

(Audio is what you hear, it's not your headphones, it's us - sorry!)

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Ep. 22, Amazing adventures of the RedactedFirm