(...) do you need to install something on my system to talk to the Agentless Server? (...)

We have been visited by a guru - the Unix_Guru, a.k.a. Michael Ball (@Unix_Guru) talking about what means to be a Virtual CISO today - but and also:

  • The road from hardware development to deployment,
  • Helping developing modern information security management frameworks,
  • Some career tips for getting to the position of Chief Information Security Officer,
  • How we've gone from ICS to modern IoT, dangers of that and some ideas on how to make it better; audomation and autonomous robots.

(...) if you are driving the device with your phone it's not a robot, it's just a RC vehicle (...), (...) it's not good enough just to be compliant anymore (...), (...) if you do not have privileged access strategy in your corporation - give your head a shake (...)

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Hosted by CyberSecStu, podcast production: Meadow, PizzaTheHutt.

Ep. 24, Virtual CISOs, robots and toaster abuse