(2018-07-12, 1h57m)

(...) that's what DerbyCon is about: what can we do to help you change the industry for the better and that you have an amazing, epic time (...)

On this fine Thursday night/evening/afternoon we have been visited by Dave Kennedy a.k.a. @HackingDave, and what a night/evening/afternoon it was! He shared some stories from the past, present and some of the future happenings at DerbyCon:

  • being a hacker at school and moving to being a Marine,
  • breaking into infosec: consulting, writing tools, first talks, TrustedSec
  • The road to 8 DerbyCons
  • The state of the red teaming market, what red teaming actually is and the juicy details on penetration testing and vulnerability assessment,
  • Which Doctor is the best Doctor.

During the talk Dave also offered to donate to us 5 tickets for DerbyCon - and here's what happened:

You are an amazing community - and together we are making a change. Thank you for that!

(...) the information security is my hobby and is my life, but so is my family (...), (...) as a community we can do a lot of great things to change what we see out there today and make the world a better place when it coemes to technology (...), (...) if you don't enjoy doing work - change it (...),

...plus some elevator music and car adventures.

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