(...) one of my key motivations is that if I'm learning something, building something and I'm in a position that I can teach as well - then I'm like a pig in (...)

On this fine Saturday we've been joined by @caseyjohnellis and we talked about bugs, crowds and the intersection of the two:

  • How the idea of Bugcrowd came about - from hacking to crowdsourcing the security,
  • Some entrepreneur advice: Casey's hints & tips for having a correct mindset when starting a business (in information security) and not being afraid of a failure,
  • Bug bounties and ethical hacking: people are OK with a locksmith but are afraid of a burglar; how Bugcrowd fits into this and is trying to shift the perception.

(...) one person being paid by the hour no matter how smart they are is never going to be able to compete over the long term with a crowd of adversaries when it comes to finding a vulnerability (...), (...) the whole idea of being able to stare failure in the face and become very comfortable with it - that gives you more courage to go out there and take risks and make things happen (...), (...) we're working in an industry with an incredible shortage of skilled labour (...), (...) bugbounties (...) started to shift this default concept of someone who can hack as being inherently evil (...)

Listen here: download

Hosted by Stu, episode production Meadow, PizzaTheHutt

Ep. 26, It takes a crowd (with CaseyJohnEllis)