[00:21:36] Well I mean I did knock over a podium once [00:21:41]

On this cold winter night we had Georgia Weidman, wearer of many hats - an enterepreneur, a penetration tester, a speaker and a writer telling her story on, well, hacking, application and mobile security but also how a hacker finds themselves in a business environment:

  • from grad school thru government to running a business,
  • the book: the current and what to expect from the second edition,
  • automated penetration testing and future of red teaming/pentesting,
  • BYOD: it's here to stay and the industry has to deal with it,
  • and many more!

[00:15:08] even to security companies security is not the most important thing; keeping the lights on and making payroll - that's what's the most important [00:15:18], [00:19:44] I was always told if you if you're not nervous before presenting then you're not human [00:19:50], [00:40:29] as long as we continue to try and make one size fits all security we're going to continue to have trouble [00:40:35], [00:42:35] I mean I'm not going to say my first book was bad. I think my first book was awesome. I still have a hard time believing I wrote it. [00:42:43], [00:48:15] One Christmas one CEO one company got an iPhone and said: we're putting this on the network and there was nothing the security guys could do about it. And it's all just gone downhill from there. [00:48:27], [01:06:55] You know when you're in grade school they ask you what you want to be when you grow up and I always said I wanted to be a novelist. But then I became an infosec professional [01:07:07]

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Ep. 27, Many hats indeed (with Georgia Weidman)