[00:18:45] we know that banks are one of the worst in terms of crap passwords [00:18:48]

It was a night before... actually it an was early Monday morning for some of us when we have been woken up by Troy Hunt to hear about globally distributed backups (take a guess), plus:

  • who is Troy Hunt and how he does not work for Microsoft,
  • have I been pwned? how it started and its effect on end user security perception, password policies,
  • flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers and https-google-conspirators
  • Certificates: paid or free? EV or DV?

Some juicy bits:

[00:25:18] I don't think anyone here sort of manages the social media accounts for their organization - If you do don't argue with people online because no matter how right you are you look like a [00:25:28], [00:40:16] at the moment a visual indicator in the browser is useless because people just simply don't look for OV versus DV [00:40:23], [00:47:30] I myself find a lot of legitimate emails from organizations, including financial institutions almost indistinguishable from phishing emails [00:47:42]

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Hosted by Stu, episode production Meadow

Ep. 28, Globally distributed backups (with Troy Hunt)