(...) There's always plenty of war stories and fun things pentesters have done but I think 44con is one of the things I'm happiest with (...)

On our birthday week we got a present: Steve Lord despite being busy with oncoming 44CON has found some time to talk to us about everything around the conference, and also:

  • the good old days - his way into computers and how it's different starting down that road today,
  • how to start on hardware hacking,
  • fascinating world of hardware security and - is it more interesting than software/network security?
  • security of public infrastructures plus some war stories,
  • more 44CON: 44COIN CTF, the assistance program, how our talk submissions are processed by the team and last but not least, helping to fight food poverty.

(...) A CTF, where we're gonna have our own alternate reality game, starring cryptocurrency visionary Don McFlurry (...), (...) If Cyber Essentials was a race horse it would be called Soon-To-Be-Glue (...), (...) taking over an entire countery in tems of their communications' networks (...), (...) wherever there's a mainframe there wil be link a something else, to something else, to the Internet (...)

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Ep. 30, From hacking a country to running a con