[00:53:48] I'm kind of proud of calling myself a hacker. My license plate on my car says Hacker. And you know it upsets me when they use it synonymously with the word criminal. [00:54:03]

We've downloaded a new W95 theme, then CD tray opened and next thing we knew we had Mobman a.k.a. Gregory Hanis on our podcast. There are so many epic stories on this episode that it's hard to summarise, but let's try...

  • hacking games -> Sub7, the tool that started many a career in infosec;
  • hacking phone companies -> jail -> the life after;
  • the cyber security inventor vs. Mobman;
  • HackBama.com, the upcoming con and the infosec community in Alabama, U. S. of A.;
  • jobs, jobs, jobs.
  • [00:04:05] Some people they don't even want but look at Atari it's like what the hell is this blocks on a screen stuff [00:04:11],
  • [00:23:09] We can open and close people's CD ROM drives. You can hide their start button. You can make your start button reappear. You could flip their screen upside down [00:23:19],
  • [00:37:17] I gave a location and I went there and then they came out with a SWAT team and I get on the ground guns drawn and like I killed somebody. Or something. So then I got arrested. [00:37:28],
  • [01:43:11] They're like DEF CON but without all the crazy people [01:43:14],
  • [01:52:23] this job is awesome and cushy but it only pays like 150k a year. I'm like WHAT. No that's a lot of money. If you can't live off 150k you're doing it wrong. [01:52:36],
  • [02:04:03] just because I'm doing good now I went through a lot of different things. So you know doing that one wrong thing can have a lot of impact on the rest of your life [02:04:13]
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Hosted by Stu, episode production Meadow and the Moderators team.

Ep. 31, msrexe.exe (with Mobman)