*(...) It's like being on a really nice street or all the houses are new and fancy and then you have one with like broken windows and the door is broken and it's all on the same network (...)*


Straight from across the pond and to the north with a heart of blue came Tanya Janca and talked about:

  • Mentoring: there are not enough people in information security, connecting professionals with newcomers;
  • Working for a government for a long time - and wanting out;
  • Web application security: OWASP; DevSlop: DevSecOps testing;
  • Pushing left: Tanya's definition of DevSecOps;
  • how to be more open and diverse in infosec and technology in general: [01:45:16] You know one is talking about diversity but you've actually got to do it. [01:45:22]

Hot takeaways:
[00:05:51] And I just I want to help everyone because we really really need people in security. [00:05:56], [01:24:56] None of this crap would have happened if you would let me do my job. [01:25:00], [00:29:16] If you find a bug in the requirements phase it'll cost you ten bucks to fix. If you wait till you've had a security incident - sometimes that's in the millions. [00:29:33],

and a thing about dressing up for work:

[01:31:06] I have worked at so many offices where they told me "we'd really like it if you would wear pants and a t-shirt because you dressing up is making men uncomfortable". But now I'm the senior person and everyone can kiss my ass that doesn't like it. I like wearing dresses. That's it. I like it. And I'm not going to not do it because it makes someone else uncomfortable. I'm not like naked. I'm quite modest in the way I dress and if me dressing up makes you feel like a slob - that's something that's wrong with you and how you feel about yourself. [01:31:41]

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Ep. 32, She hacks purple (with Tanya Janca)