[00:07:59] I've been hired as a hitman on two occasions to kill people that they thought were informants. So this was the kind of people that I was actually working with. People trying to kill people. [00:08:10]


This time on our podcast we had Brett Shavers; former undercover hitman and now a digital forensics expert talking about:

  • the military, law enforcement, working undercover - and now, forensics,
  • what is digital forensics and how it pairs with incident response,
  • recommendations of what to learn now to get into forensics,

plus a lot of stories from past and current cases from digital and analogue crime worlds; and a torrent of questions from TMHC members.

And to get you more interested

*[00:37:23] I think police work kind of gives you... you look at somebody sideways pretty much and say, well you're saying one thing but I'm seeing something different [00:37:32], *[00:31:35] The cool thing about forensics and incident response is you can train yourself [00:31:40], [01:08:16] you're infiltrating this group and next thing you know you're getting these cars drive by your house really slow [01:08:22]

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Hosted by Stu, episode production Meadow.

Ep. 35, Swimming with forensics sharks (with Brett Shavers)