[01:53:16] knowledge sharing is like the most important thing that we have not only as security doers but as humans in general [01:53:24]


This time on TMHC Radio we have spend fantastic two hours with Amit Serper talking about how not to lose one's mind while working in infosec - specifically about ADHD. This episode really resonated with many of us - Amit really hit the mental health nail on the head.
And a bit about infosec too!

  • government -> Cybereason,
  • ADHD: Amit's journey to understanding what it really is,
  • ...and what are his method of coping with it,
  • technical: how to break into infosec? learn to program in C.

And a lot of interesting questions from the audience.

rand() quotes to get you more interested:

[00:26:29] never take any any drugs without seeing a doctor especially not stuff that like works on your brain and messes with the chemistry of your brain; your brain is the moneymaker. Don't. Fuck with it [00:26:42], [00:28:58] just knowing that there another person in the room and just being aware that there's a conversation behind me makes my ADHD kick in [00:29:08], [00:31:06] I found out that if I work with headphones I can't work because music distracts me [00:31:12], [00:32:42] when you have IDA Pro open and the nerf dart hits you in the cheek you get angry [00:32:51]

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Hosted by Stu, episode production Meadow.

Ep. 38, Take care of yourself while reversing malware (with Amit Serper)