(2019-01-06): pirates, social engineering, awareness

(00:01:27) Started working in anti piracy intelligence off the coast of Somalia, which is a bit abnormal for a straight out of university, blonde middle class girl.

We were joined by Lisa Forte one evening a long time ago, where she shared her awesome expereince and background everything from Anti-Piracy Intelligence, working in Intelligence Services, Cyber Units in the UK Police Force and starting Red Goat Cyber. In our talk we covered the following:

  • Hunting Pirates (yes actual pirates!). Can I get an arrrrrgh?
  • Intelligence gathering, and counter intelligence techniques
  • Lisa and Stu shared some Social Engineering war stoires
  • The power of training
  • Cyber War Room Simulations
  • Public Speaking
  • What makes this community great!

Stu rates this talk in his top 10.

Something to get you interested:

  • (00:21:01) "Sometimes you really need a safe word.."
  • (00:45:54) "Situational awareness is really important, this is something I've been trying to get accross to my own family."

Also please check out Red Goat Cyber Security

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Ep. 42, Arrr! (with Lisa Forte)