(2019-01-24): darknet diaries

[00:03:21] "I want to interview people who've been hacked, or done a hack. I wanna hear the emotion or the panic; get the crazed look in the eye that nothing is ever gonna be the same again"

We were joined again by Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries (we lost our previous talk recording), a fabulous podcast about the human side of hacking, and great stories told by those who were involved.

In this episode we talk about;

  • Defcon 26 the last time that Stu met Jack
  • Jack Rhysider conducting his own investigation into iTunes scams (chart breakers)
  • How Jack researches his stories for Darknet Diaries podcast
  • From SOC to Podcaster- background story
  • We also talk about Mobman and the controvesy surrounding his story, a previous guest on TMHC and Darknet Diaries
  • How start a podcast, or go Pro!
  • And as usual answer questions from the live audience

darknet quotes

  • [00:42:37] "...There was this one case, a guy used nothing special to hack a slot machine, and was just pushing buttons on the machine itself, no magnets no external componets, just the buttons on the machine to make it spin out extra cash. And they tried to try him under the CFAA..."

  • [00:49:11] "... What I get alot of request on, besides how do I hack my girlfriends Facebook account, or whatever.. the number 2 question I get is how do I get started in this? ... I'm in a good position to guide alot of people into this industry.."

Darknet Diaries Podcast

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Ep. 44, Stories from the other side, part 2 (with Jack Rhysider)