(2019-02-06): Social Engineering

  • [00:51:10] I'm still learning pick pocketing at the moment...it helps when stealing badges

So this time we have Stu as a guest, repeating the winning format with ProxyBlue as host. The format for this podcast is a AMA (Ask Me Anything) where we learn about:

  • Stu's back story Pottery> Recruitment > Infosec > Social Engineering
  • How Stu learnt social engineering as a recruiter
  • Bank jobs in the US, as a Brit
  • Social Engineering Methodology
  • War story, after war story
  • Importance of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • And alot more..
  • Plus all those wonderful questions from the audience (thank you).
  • [00:03:06] Started recruiting people into infosec..that's where I picked up my skills around social engineering, I was taught to lie, or profiling companies as we called it..
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Hosted by ProxyBlue, episode production Meadow and the Moderators team.

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Ep. 45, Banks' Most Wanted (with The Stu)