(2019-03-01): early viruses, future threat intel

[00:27:45] If it's smart, it's vulnerable

Unusual time for us (Friday afternoon) but for Mikko Hyppönen we are happy to bend the rules! CRO at F-Secure and with the company since 1991, and a proud owner of a pinball machine. It all started with C64 and programming in Finland and through the years - support at F-Secure, reverse engineering, educating, public speaking and teaching he finally made it to our podcast. A short episode but a lot of topics have been touched upon:

  • from analysing viruses in the 90s to F-Secure;
  • war stories - early virus outbreaks;
  • blackhats and a career in infosec;
  • organisations vs APTs and intelligence agencies;
  • hiring in infosec;
  • Rant of the Episode: why are passwords are still used for authentications;

And audience questions!

If you need more encouragement to listen:

  • [00:19:12] if you have been caught, you've been sentenced and you've paid your dudies to the society the society should welcome you back;
  • [00:26:35] the attackers are not intrested in your toaster, they are interested in your network. If your toaster in on the network, it's gonna be the weakest link;
  • [00:40:45] pick your niche and run with it and become as good as you can.
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Ep. 49 - From virus wars to weaponised toasters (with Mikko Hyppönen)