(2019-03-07): containers and k8s, DevOps and security

[00:27:49] Don't sell yourselves short in terms of what knowledge you have

Before the world turned all to geese we had Ian Coldwater as a guest on our famous podcast talking all things Kubernetes. They started in a purely DevOps role and moved into infosec from there. Ian also proves that you can be a full time mom and go back to work and rock it!

Important note: Ian talks about Girls Taking Over and how you should DM them - DO NOT, please contact CTF_Circle instead.

  • moving from pure developer environment to devsecops;
  • how did Ian get into hacking k8s, toolsets, labs;
  • public speaking, making your talk interesting;
  • Twitter community: the good, the bad and the ugly;
  • Rant of the Episode: how DevOps people think infosec is full of toxic people;

interleaved with questions from the audience.


  • [00:05:35] hacking really appeals to me [...] it's really cool that I can do work that I really love and get paid for it; and the people in infosec are really great;
  • [00:13:20] like a lot of other pentesting work - you want a sexy 0day, you end up with admin/admin;
  • [00:58:54] let's find ways to not be seen as awful jerks and blockers because I don't think that we are that, I think we're better than that
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Ep. 51, Honk! (With Ian Coldwater)