(2019-03-21): Aadhaar, bug hunting, vulnerabilities and disclosures

[00:16:35] People deserve to keep their data private

This time on the best podcast in the hackerspace we had Baptiste Robert a.k.a. fs0c131y interviewed by Stu On A Train talking about security research, mostly with respect to privacy. We are sure you know Baptiste from his Aadhaar (Indian identity number) research, in this episode you will find out more about this and other topics:

  • how did he come about researching Aaadhaar - and what is it,
  • sources of Twitter trends, relations analysis,
  • negotiating with the receiving end of vulnerability disclosures,

Plus a flurry of questions from the audience.

  • [00:17:17] sometimes [...] to make people fix an issue you have to do some name and shame
Listen here: download
  • Hosted by: Stu,
  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: SYN

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Ep. 53, Fun society (with fs0c131y)