2019-04-11: security awareness, user behaviour, startup culture

[00:12:07]: cybersecurity culture is not based on one 20 minute slide deck

Tonight we had two fantastic guests, the first being Kathryn Brett Goldman, CEO and founder of Cybermaniacs and KBG Solutions and Director of Development for Ladies of London Hacking Society and master of puppets of awareness to talk about a different approach to user training:

  • A degree in theatre -> information security strategy and awareness;
  • Cybermaniacs: a different approach to awareness training;
  • changing users' behaviours without killing them with presentations;
  • rant of the show: how to make startups use the money better?

This show's teasers:

  • [00:27:53] I think the biggest challenge we've had has actually been business executives, H.R. and people in learning and development who only want to see certain things in certain ways;
  • [00:53:04] it seems to be a huge part of the challenge we're facing right now is actually the human and behavioral side;
  • [00:13:02] little teeny tiny bits of learning little teeny tiny bits of nudging in order that the end users who are mostly not technical can actually achieve some behavioral change;

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Ep. 57, Be aware of the puppets! (with Kathryn Brett Goldman)