2019-04-11: DFIR, martial arts, breaking into infosec

[01:16:55] Do you know how annoying it is to clean a sword?

A second episode of this night, and this time we had a pleasure to guest Lesley Carhart, a.k.a. hacks4pancakes: a master of many skills, currently this is ICS in terms of prevention and DFIR. She hacks for pancakes (you need to search for this story!), she knows how to operate a sword and is a full spectrum cyber-warrior princess. This episode had many highlights, such as:

  • a farm in Illinois, USA via military service (still a reservist) to today's information security;
  • great things about infosec twitter, burnouts;
  • martial arts, weapons, movies and games!
  • breaking into infosec;
  • Rant Of The Episode: the importance of basics in security;

and lots of questions from the audience.

Some highlights:

  • [00:31:21] passion is important but passion can also lead to burnout
  • [00:44:02] Oh my weapons list! Oh I've never been asked about that on a podcast before
  • [00:51:25] you don't have to be like a programmer and you don't have to be a network engineer but you need to have a solid foundation in all those different things to be really good at security
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Ep. 58, Pancake Con (with Lesley Carhart)