In the fifth (approximately monthly) episode of What The Beer Farmers think the discussion revolved around:

  • a new Beer Farmer - Chrissy;
  • "kinetic response" to a cyber attack by IDF and bringing cyber warfare to the world outside;
  • WhatsApp? Old news, but our Chinese implant experts now have an opinion on E2E;
  • data breaches and their financial impact on the companies who leak data;
  • updates for... Windows XP and... 2003?
  • and speaking of - it's WannaCry's second birthday;
  • ICO responds to Bounty complaint;
  • certificates are not encryption;
  • Brian K., Kevin M.;

And, first time, Mother Morgan and The Church of Hackers!

Thank you Mike, Chrissy and Sean for being here for us!

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Episode production: Meadow.

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Ep. 60, What The Beer Farmers Think No. 5