(2019-05-19): infosec journalism, reporting about cybercrime

[00:36:28] the first obligation is to your readers - and then to the source

This time we turn to cybercrime - not doing it but learning about it happening elsewhere. We have been joined by Joseph Cox: a journalist for Motherboard focusing on reporting about cyber crime and information security in general. We have hit the following spots:

  • responsible reporting: who is the audience?
  • naming criminals in the interest of the public vs. doxing (that story again);
  • motivations: keeping it clear for the audience;
  • responsible reporting: how not to make things worse by publishing a story;
  • Rant of the Episode: SIM swapping and the harm it causes;

and, as always, questions from our fabulous audience.

Some teasers for this episode:

  • [00:05:05] you don't want to confuse an ordinary reader with a lot of technical details you really want to boil it down as simply as possible -and that's going to anger some people;
  • [00:34:34] just because a hacker is blackmailing a victim doesn't mean you can't cover the data breach - people still want to be informed about it, especially if it's email addresses and hashed passwords or something that is still important;
  • [00:43:26] We really need to not underestimate the capabilities of very low skilled hackers.
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Ep. 61, Personal (Information) Security Announcement (with Joseph Cox)