The seventh (approximately monthly) episode of What The Beer Farmers think is an episode about:

  • The Beer Farmers in Sheffield: a new spicy and explosive show;
  • hashtag offended: drasticly changing landscape of (infosec) social media discussions, people moving away from Twitter; also: talking about the problem vs. doing something about it;
  • how will Britain handle information security as an island separated by water and hard borders from all sides?
  • Was a $5B fine towards Facebook enough?
  • Ian's solo: The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future by David Wallace-Wells And Netflix' documentary "The Great Hack";
  • Marcus Hutchins a.k.a. MalwareTechBlog freed;
  • The inventor of cybersecurity arrested for firearms possesion after posting a picture with firearms.

Thank you Mike, Chrissy, Ian and Sean for being here for us!

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Ep. 64, What The Beer Farmers Think No. 7