(2019-07-30): law enforcement, (cyber)crime, empowerment

[00:25:28] "When I worked at Europol, I was the only female team leader out of nine. Now I go and speak at infosec events where I won't be the youngest female person in the room anymore. That is absolutely fantastic."

The first episode of the second season of The Furry Hats Podcast we started big with two fantastic guests: Becky Pinkard and Dr. Victoria Baines. Becky is a cyber security executive and published author, as well as co-found of ‘We Empower Diversity in Start-ups’. Vick is a former law enforcement intelligence analyst with experience in investingating cybercrime and child exploitation, currently an independent researcher. Together they host the Cyber Warrior Princess podcast (Apple, SoundCloud).

Some topic covered:

  • backgrounds, how they started and got where they are,
  • emotional affects of working with child abuse cases for a long period of time
  • Twitter, women in infosec and representation and discrimination
  • random segway into Stu talking about how he looks like Boris Johnson,
  • working at Facebook, social media working with governments and transpancy reports,
  • advice about getting into law enforcement.

If that did not convince you, here's more:

  • [00:09:30] So my PHD is in classic literature. So Roman satire is my subject which like the only way I can describe this is it's like private eye, but two thousand years old but in Latin.
  • [00:12:32] When I got to Europol, I was suddenly branded as the person who knew about online stuff and could write reports about online stuff. So almost despite myself, I ended up writing the first SOCTA, which was the first EU threat assessment on cybercrime.
  • [00:48:20] What was it like working at Facebook? So when I first got there, it was a bit like a breath of fresh air. Someone from law enforcement asked me, 'oh, what's it like working on the dark side?'
  • [01:06:22] I used to be regularly contacted by law enforcement agencies and lots of different countries who would say 'oh, we've suddenly lost access to our Facebook page and (...) you urgently need to reactivate it' like it was my fault.
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Ep. 65, Cyber Warrior Princesses (with Becky Pinkard and Dr. Victoria Baines)