(2019-08-21): certifications, trainings

[00:21:54] There's an overreliance on certification, so people assume that because someone can pass a multiple choice exam, that they have skills that are effective in the workplace. And I don't think the two correlate.

This time on a very rainy night we had James Hadley, CEO of Immersive Labs and an ex-GHCQ trainer to talk about online trainings, certifications and the state of this part of our industry:

  • how James got into infosec,
  • how did Immersive Labs come about,
  • resources, skills and mentors,
  • Rant of The Episode: HR gatekeeping.

But wait, there's more:

  • [00:02:01] I got into infosec when I started trying to do things I probably shouldn't have done. So a good example was trying to bypass the control system on the that they kind of stopped us from getting access to the file system to stop us playing games, trying to find out ways to bypass that.
  • [00:09:05] What we saw was if people had the ability to self research, troubleshoot something, try something, read a number of articles and try again. That research phase of trying things are learning that knowledge generally sticks.
  • [00:34:02] I think it's fundamental for people to get the basics of computing under their belt. So rather than jumping straight to 'I want to be a red teamer and use Kali', clearly understand what an operating system is, how priviledges work and networking.
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Ep. 66, The state of online training (with James Hadley)