(2019-09-05): history, rants, hiring, future

[00:06:44] We're banging our head against the same wall. Why hasn't someone kind of woke up and gone 'We need to change. This is not working.'? And the few people that do just seem to get acquired by a major corportation and we go back to the status quo of not talking the same language as everyone else.

This special episode has brought three Stus: Stu Peck, Stu Hirst and Stu Coulson into one virtual room for an extra long episode about the State of the Industry.
Stu Hirst does cloud security at Just Eat, previously Photobox, Capital One and Skyscanner. He is also a co-founder of Cyber Scotland Connect, which do security meetups. He previously joined us over a year ago on episode 11 of the podcast, talking about challenges facing blue tea, imposter syndrome and future attack trends.
Stuart Coulson runs HiddenText, a consultancy business providing strategy advice. He previously worked for Cyber Security Challenge, Secarama and NCC.

The Stus talked about:

  • was before better than it is now in infosec?
  • burnouts,
  • best and worst of 2019,
  • HR, hiring, inclusivity, HR gatekeeping,
  • being part of the awesome infosec community.

Their takeaways?

  • Stu Hirst: Overlook the drama, focus on the good parts of the community (Hirst),
  • Stu Coulson: community is fighting for the same things (stopping bad guys) and allow community to help when things are hard,
  • Stu Peck: stay awesome and learn from other people.

If that did not convince you, this will:

  • [00:08:32] It's almost like drug laws. It's like, you know, you can keep carrying on doing the same thing you're doing and it doesn't work. Or you can have a selection of people who can help define a different way to do it.
  • [00:08:33] Companies take on reasonably junior roles by job title or position in the business. But then you'll come the main security person in that business, the amount of work that's on your plate and the amount of risk that you've got to take on compared to your salary is I mean (...) just laughable.
  • [01:55:16] This industry is phenomenal (...) to be part of something bigger than just, you know, picking up your paycheck and paying your rent (...) we shouldn't underestimate that. I love it. You know, this is my career for life, and I'm pretty humble and thankful to be part of it.
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Ep. 67, StuCon (with Stu, Stu and Stu)