2019-09-20: blue team, breaking into infosec

[00:26:45] The saying goes, and it's so true you know, an attacker only needs to be right one time. The blue team needs to be right a hundred percent of the time. And that's the truth.

This time on the best podcast within the Inner planets we had Rey Bango, Microsoft Security Advocate, past developer (do you ever stop being one?) and a founding member for jQuery. Started at Microsoft many years back as an IE evangelist, over the years transitioned to the security side, still at Microsoft. Some of the topics covered:

  • breaking into infosec from other areas of IT,
  • blue team has to be always right,
  • building up confidence for public speaking,
  • attending conferences - the good and the bad and now it helped Ray,

plus a lot of questions from the audience, as per usual :)

More views here:

  • [00:02:17] I think one of the first sites that I found was The Many Hats Club, when you were all first starting out. (...) The great thing about it is that it gave me kind of an overview of what the security community was like and some of the interactions that were going on.
  • [00:19:30] Most of the time when you get into security, what do you do? You go out, you download the Kali ISO and you sit there and you stare at it, and you're like oh great I got a Kali ISO, woo.
  • [01:12:49] It takes a village to raise a security professional. You know basically what it means is that we should all be helping each other out to solve for the common good, not making anybody feel like they can't ask a question because they should know.
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Ep. 68, A View From a Blue Mountain (with Rey Bango)