(2019-09-24) Blue Team, Infosec Community

00:02:40 "Infosec was not whatsoever a thing that was on my radar when I was looking at what do I want to do. Computer is the I love them. I grew up with them. I attribute having a computer and playing with it and continue to do so to following this path..."

Pre that covid thing, Stu hosted a podcast with the awesome infoseccrow. Originally a sysadmin by trade, now a seasoned security leader and director with a deep technical background and broad experience in business and in technology. Gabe is also President of the UK Chapter of the ISSA. In our podcast we discussed:

  • Origins into infosec
  • Blueteaming
  • Security Metrics that make sense
  • Threat Hunting
  • Risk Management
  • Effective Penetration Testing

A superb rant, plus a lot of questions from the audience, as per usual.

Listen here: download
  • Hosted by: Stu,
  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Stu.

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Ep. 69, IS IT A CROW?! (with Gabe a.k.a. infoseccrow)