On the eight (approximately... bi-montly?) episode of What The Beer Farmers think the group was caught off-guard in Scotland, and this is the recording of what happened when they only had one microphone to speak to:

  • BSides Manchester;
  • vBullletin 0 day;
  • forced updates on Windows: yes, absolutely, but;
  • iOS13 location privacy bug, is the QA slipping?
  • how much is your (breached) data worth?
  • we need more (infosec) success stories;
  • Crown Sterling story;

and the key feature of the evening: a lot of information about the upcoming online security conference organised by The beer Barmers: Beer Con One, hashtag BC1, and the important fundraising campaign around it: https://www.gofundme.com/f/beerconone.

Thank you Mike, Ian and Sean for being here for us!

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Episode production: Meadow.

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Ep. 70, What The Beer Farmers Think No. 8