(2019-10-17) Leadership, Government, Blueteaming

00:03:21 "My first job was a blacksmith. I spent some time blacksmithing and get kicked by horses and getting burnt on forges and stuff".

So we were lucky to be joined by the amazing Robert Pritchard aka @thecybersecexp many, many months ago. After spending five years doing security risk assessments at a major investment bank, he worked in a variety of security roles in the UK Government, before becoming deputy head of the Cyber Security Operations Centre. He is founder of The Cyber Security Expert. On our podcast we talked about the following:

  • Looking back at infosec early 2000's
  • Risk Management & Infosec for leading investment Bank
  • Early social engineering attacks
  • Working at The National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC) and in Government protecting critical infrastructure
  • History of UK Government Security Strategies (really interesting this).
  • Infosec for the London Olympics
  • Career advice
  • Amazing rant on Risk Management!

And as always many questions from our audience! Links below:

00:14:35 "They had this great tale of how they tracked down scammers and stuff. It is amazing that a banking Trojan was considered novel in the world of banking in those days, which shows you how much things have changed in a relatively short time"

00:29:44 "But spent the first two years, 11 months convinced that somebody was just gonna walk up behind me, put the hand on my shoulder, and say Mr Pritchard I think we can all agree there's been a terrible mistake, and escort me off the premises"

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Ep. 73, Cyber Expert Advice (with Robert Pritchard)