(2019-10-25) Red Teaming, Physical Security, Social Engineering

00:04:57 "...And the guy that was in security, he goes, look, I don't care what your degree is. You know, if you stop learning after two weeks, then you're obsolete to me. And here, go study all these things and come back to me."

One Stormy night Stu was in a car park "near where he lives", and we were joined by Tinker to talk about all things Red Teaming, it really was an amazing expereince. Tinker took us on a wild ride through the following:

  • Origins into infosec, from Marines, Blue Team and then Red Team
  • What it takes to start in Pentesting
  • Physical Security and Red Teaming war stories
  • Why he hates social engineering- but is very good at it!
  • We learnt about Dalas Hackers!
  • Proxmark and RFID
  • Mental Health and Burnout and how to prevent this
  • And the usual rant and questions from our awesome audience who joined us live.

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00:08:03"...So I'll be like, hey, I got this access. And she might be like, Oh, I'm gonna the take that. I'm a piggyback off that I got this access. I go, Oh, with that access I can do this. We leapfrog each other and feed off each other, both on ideas but also on skill."
00:13:47 ..And I ain't saying they're Russian. I didn't check their keyboard layout. But even if they're bouncing through Russia, it's like, oh, you know, I kicked in the door and found a Russian sitting on the couch.
00:23:30 "They went to layer one and looked at the switch location and where the physical jack was. And these two. I mean, I'm talking like beefy and angry looking blue teamers came around the corner, just looking angry."
00:45:00 "But my sons literally are my life. So everything I do, I do for them."

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  • Hosted by: Stu,
  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Stu.

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Ep. 77, Breaking and Entering...your network (with TinkerSec)