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00:50:19 “…So if someone says: “Hey, I'm worried about obscure threat” then it's like “Well, OK, that’s probably a valid threat. But let's take a look at your overall defensive strategy and say, well, this is where you're most likely to get attacked from, like unpatched public facing stuff for social engineering or a supply chain. Why don't we just focus on those three things? First, and if you can close those, your actual risk well, will go down considerably. And then we can maybe think about obscure risk X, which some vendor at a conference told you was very important because I had a big booth”

Our today’s guest is Javvad Malik, a Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4. He is possibly best known for the hilarious Security Awareness videos – please check the links to YouTube channels below.

During this insightful episode Stu and Javvad discussed:

  • YouTube channels, Host Uknown and using laughter to increase security awareness
  • Importance of building trust and relationships BEFORE you need them
  • A role of a Security Advocate/ Security Evangelist and the need of continuous research, education and raising the bar
  • FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt and how to protect companies from unethical approach of monetising the industry
  • Power of influence
  • Value of collaboration projects and blog updates to address common issues and give back to community
  • Plus all those amazing questions from the community

00:54:55 “So if there's one thing I really want people to do more of, is to set up a blog and just use a free one using WordPress or whatever, you know, any free blogger […] set up your own blog, just call it whatever and just put your thoughts down on there. And I think it will help you immensely as an individual. But more than that, it will help others in the community as well”


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Ep. 79, Host 404 (with Javvad Malik)