(2020-04-03) Infosec, Journalism, Privacy, OSINT

00:04:30 "[..] I find that really disturbing when I see a sci fi cliché and it's kind of coming true in real life. I don't like those moments."

We were very lucky to be joined by the awesome Geoff White @geoffwhite247, author of the fantastic book Crime Dot Com, and Infosec reporter for Channel 4, BBC News and The Sunday Times. In this episode we discussed the following:

  • Making Risotto with Prosecco :)
  • His journey into Tech and then Journalism
  • Discussion around investigative journalism especially in technology/infosec
  • Importance of Open Source Intelligence, and verification of stories/sources
  • Leaks and Whistleblowers
  • Facial Recognition and Privacy
  • Writing his book, with some amazing insights into the stories behind the book.
  • And many questions from the audience

00:06:20 "There's no point in doing it if we never get on air. So I started, you know, attending these cybersecurity conferences and learning about cyber crime and just thinking this is where it is"

00:46:10 "I've kind of realised the people in power and responsibility in your life, you kind of take it for granted that they know what they're doing and they make good decisions. And this is the biggest lesson for me is that's not necessarily true..."


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  • Hosted by: Stu,
  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Stu.

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Ep. 83, Journalism Dot Com (with Geoff White)