(2020-07-23) Social Engineering, Pranks, Infosec

*00:06:10 "[...] maybe the first time I've ever read Daily Mail comments, but it kind of said, you know, this guy is clever and he looks to be working in security next. And I guess at the time so I thought maybe I could do that." *

We love social engineering here at The Many Hats Club, so were simply stoked when we were joined by the awesome James Linton aka @SINON_REBORN, famed for being a email prankster who targeted officals at the White House and many other high profile executives. His story is very interesting, in this episode we learn:

  • Background into Email Pranking and Social Engineering, Web Designer > Social Engineer
  • Email Pranking Banks Executives
  • OSINT and Pranking the White House- Lessons learnt from the pranks
  • Writing a blog post with the NCSC
  • Phishing threats and BEC scammers
  • Pranking infosec people, and how that ended!
  • Getting into infosec and what he is doing now
  • Public speaking and talks
  • What training works, and what really doesn't
  • Scammers
  • And much more!

00:29:48 "[..] Oh, do you need an email address? Here it is. Now, that's not going to work every time, but I still had a secondary option to ask directly for the email address after that kind of trust was established. So I use that a few times to be fair, and it seemed to work a lot more than it didn't work, just kind of because, again, you don't look like a threat, is not asked for anything, and it's going under the guise of something that does happen"


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  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Stu.

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Ep. 88, You Got Mail (with James Linton)