It took many months for them to come back (one, really) but our friends are back with another episode of WTBFT. The lineup, fluid as always, has changed again (hello Scott!) but not as much as what they, in fact, think about:

  • The Beer Farmers are not The Many Hats Club (but we love each other),
  • Domain registrars and email marketing companies, the more customers the more money, no matter the use?
  • BT Hubs and 'security reasons' and the reasons behind it,
  • Online, pandemic cons and lives reality,
  • Infosec Happy Hour!
  • Kevin M. is still a... whoever he was,
  • Twitter sensitive topics (there's no easy way to put it),
  • OWASP: what is happening in the community.

Thank you Mike, Scott, Ian and Sean for being here for us!

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Audio edit: Meadow.

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Ep. 89, What The Beer Farmers Think No. 12