(2020-10-19) SANS, Incident Management, DEF CON, WISP, Diana Initiative, mental health

(00:25:07) “[…] I'm one of those people that I don't really feel like there are mistakes, there's learning opportunities. And that probably sounds really lame, but everyone's going to make mistakes. And it's what you do with that. If you're going to, you know, take a bunch of time to be hard on yourself for it, you're never going to learn and grow because literally everyone makes mistakes. There's not a single person alive who has not made a mistake”

Whist sitting in some random car park at night, Stu is having conversation with Ashley Taylor about her infosec journey. Join in to listen about:

  • SANS programmes
  • Business risk vs technical risk
  • SWOT analysis
  • Advice on starting in Incident Management and good practice examples
  • 3-D printers
  • Infosec community
  • DEFCON, WISP & Diana Initiative (and karaoke)
  • Drama, bulling, harassment and impact on mental health
  • "#VerifyIanColdwater" and the disappointing Twitter verification process
  • As well as the awesome questions from the community

(00:47:10) “[…] I'm kind of in that generation of people where I have this very clear line between real life and online life, and I know I can separate that.”

(01:06:54) “[…] Everybody in the information security community is going to give you advice and you're going to think that you need to learn everything all the time and - don't! You are in charge of your own journey, and if that takes you years or you want to do it in days, it's fine. Whatever you want to do, it's your journey. Don't let other people define that for you. And it's such a, I feel, a such a young field that there's plenty of room, even if it takes you a decade to get up to speed it. There is plenty of room for you to make your mark. So don't be afraid, just - jump in!”

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Infosec_Taylor
Website – https://ashleytaylor.tech
WISP - https://twitter.com/wisporg
Diana Initiative - https://twitter.com/DianaInitiative

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  • Hosted by: Stu,
  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Mon.

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Ep. 91, #VerifyIanColdwater (with Infosec Taylor)