(2020-11-06) **Cyber awareness, MDR, job specs, LinkedIn, Cyberoff **

(00:28:15) “[…] I think people need that as well, you know, that they need somebody to believe in them, you know, because… because people surprise you when you believe in them, right? And when you give them time to grow.”

We are joined by Ian Murphy whose cyber awareness videos are truly something I look forward to every time. If you haven’t yet watched those hilarious and so creative masterpieces – you are up for a treat! Please check the links below.
During this podcast you will hear about:

  • Working for the MOD, Symantec and moving to Australia
  • MDR - Managed detection and response
  • (Un)realistic job specs and recruitment issues
  • Marketing BS – how much more secure are we because of that?
  • LinkedIn and how it is failing
  • Ian’s awareness videos and other methods to educate about cyber risk
  • Importance of educating our next generation

(01:05:50) “[…] I think kindness is magic […] when you see somebody doing stuff or trying to do stuff, the easiest job in the world is to criticise from the side lines. […] the bit about respect or the bit about kindness is, maybe sometimes trying to see the context from what other people are trying to say. And if you're going to offer constructive criticism or opinion, do that in a way that is respectful […] Let's be a little bit more considerate of the other people we're trying to engage in.”

(01:16:50) “[…] go after your niche, find your niche, find the thing that makes you you and go after it and you'll have a lot of fun doing it, you know, and don’t listen to anybody who says you can't do it. What they mean is they can't do it and they don't want to see you trying to do it as well. So find your niche, go after it and have an unwavering belief in yourself.”


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Ep. 93, You can just CyberOff (with Ian Murphy)