(2020-11-12) purple teaming, enhancing women abilities, LHS, HCSP, breaking into infosec

[00:25:55] “[…] and although people do say you don't have to be technical to be inside of it, that's correct. But it is also not true. So you don't have to be technical to be a cybersecurity recruiter, for example, or sales or service management. But it does help, hopefully, if they understand at least the technologies that their company is managing. Well, actually, whether or not you mean like a GRC role or project management role, you do actually have to have a good grasp of the technical in order to be good at what you're doing.”

Much overdue podcast guest – Eliza-May Austin - the founder of the Ladies Hacking Society (LHS), CEO and co-founder of th4ts3cur1ty.company and PocketSiem – HCSP (Hybrid Cyber security Provider) tool.

Amazing conversation touching on:

  • Infosec beginnings
  • Job satisfaction - Red teaming, blue teaming and purple teaming
  • Stu’s London landmarks sightseeing trip after one award ceremony
  • BSides Manchester
  • Ladies Hacking Society – how/why it came about, core values and ethos of the community
  • Top Hats and Tails LHS/THMC meet up
  • PocketSiem
  • How to break into the industry, importance and respect for fundamentals and the long-term learning journey
  • Being banned on LinkedIn
  • Threat Intel
  • [00:35:48] “It's a non-professional event for professional people […] they're turning up, they know that they're going to have a good time, people genuinely have made friends that are potentially friends for life. They've met just having a laugh and having fun, and we stick to our core value, and that is to enhance women's technical ability and stature in cybersecurity community in the U.K. And that's what we do in and I think I think we're doing a good job with that.”
  • [00:56:36] “[...] if you really wanted to get into the industry and you don't really know where to start. My advice has always been - go on edx[.]org, go on Udemy, Microsoft Academy or whatever it's called now. There’re all these free resources out there, that are genuinely really good. They're good quality. You don't need to pay for them, and you can just experiment doing a couple of courses, maybe Cybrary or something like that and just see what you like. You know, if you get like a few modules and anything fucking this artwork and if it's hart works, it's boring. Don't do it. Go and do something else and just see what aspect of cybersecurity you like. Because it's not just one job. There's so many jobs in this industry.”

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  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Mon.

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Ep. 94, No punches pulled (with Eliza-May Austin)