(2020-11-19) Cyber psychologist, stakeholder engagement, security training, motivation, weakest link

(00:34:00) “[…] You have to invest time in your workforce. Technology comes and go. But if you really want to have a secure environment with loyalty and the commitment and trust of your employees, then that has to be a long-term investment. And I don't just mean financial, I mean listening to them and working with them.”

We are joined by Nadine Michaelides who is a Sociotechnical Psychologist with a background in Stakeholder Engagement and Communications through high-profile Change and Transformation programmes. Nadine shares her perspective on:

  • Human aspect of Information Security
  • Information Security and Stakeholder management
  • Personal security vs business related security
  • Effectiveness of security training and how it should be adapted to different audience
  • Necessity of security certifications
  • Plus all the awesome questions from the audience who joined us live.


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  • Production: Meadow,
  • Proofing, writeup: Mon.

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Ep. 95, [email protected] fAcT0r5 (with Nadine Michaelides)