Thanks to very generous donations from Dave Kennedy and Ray, The Many Hats Club are auctioning a DerbyCon ticket to raise money for the Derbycon Mental Health and Wellness Workshop. We as a community struggle with large amounts of stress, mental health issues, and general emotional well being troubles. The purpose of this workshop is to learn about the issues themselves, coping mechanisms, help others close to us, and have a no judgement area to share stories and provide and receive guidance. There will be both structured and unstructured time given in this workshop.

The auction includes one DerbyCon ticket, dinner with the Mental Health Workshop organizers and speakers, plus be given a seat at the judges table for “Whose Slide Is It Anyway?”.

Auction will be ending on the 21st of September at 4:11 PM UTC.

Bid for the ticket on ebay



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The Many Hats Club Auctioning a Derbycon Ticket to Raise Money for the Derbycon Mental Health and Wellness Workshop