Edit 16/09/2018: The ticket sold for $645.00, so amazing. Thank you for everyone who bid!

Thanks to very generous donations from Dave Kennedy and Ray for helping set up the auction, The Many Hats Club are auctioning a DerbyCon ticket to raise money for the Innocent Lives Foundation. The Innocent Lives Foundation started with the desire to make a positive impact on behalf of children. They unmask anonymous online child predators to help bring them to justice.

The auction includes one DerbyCon ticket and will be ending on the Friday the 14th of September at 4:39 PM UTC.

Bid for the ticket on ebay.



Staff member at The Many Hats Club. Ransomware hunter and malware analyst at Emsisoft. Love polar bears.

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The Many Hats Club Auctioning a Derbycon Ticket to Raise Money for Innocent Lives Foundation