"Just fix it in prod!"
London, December 7th, 2019

We are running a full day conference (London, December 7th) focused around information security and, of course, our online Discord community. We will take what's best in the traditions of security conferences, both local (UK) and around the world and take it to the next level - in terms of content, interaction, organisation, conduct and experience for everyone: sponsors, speakers but most of all, our guests on the day.

We are not just another hacking con; our vision is to be conference for information security people from all teams/backgrounds, where we actively want to encourage collaboration and participation, something the organisers have found missing from attending hundreds of events all over the world. We want our Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors to be immersed in events, activities and debates around the challenges we all face in our working and personal lives.

Our mission, as mentioned above, is to include and welcome everyone to information security which we believe is a great field to work in and is always in need of new talent. In that regard the conference will be a fantastic hiring opportunity. We are currently the platform to go to for connecting those who are just starting in this industry with seasoned professionals willing to help and share their knowledge and experience. The conference is neither an entry level one nor it is an expert only event - it's about connecting both of those worlds. Now we are taking the step forward to a physical world.

We want to show that we can make a difference, that an information security conference can be welcoming to all; to our guests, to our speakers, but also to our sponsors. We are all on the same team. We want to welcome both the outgoing, extrovert seasoned conference participants but also all those who never dreamed of being able to go a conference like this and are perhaps unsure about taking the first step. Most importantly, we want everyone to feel safe with us whoever they are.

The event is organised around the following key elements:

  • a high profile Keynote;
  • interesting, engaging and unique talks;
  • speaker tracks: two parallel speaker tracks in two rooms throughout the day, both tracks will be recorded and streamed live;
  • workshops: interactive, hands-on courses in small groups (one room),
  • a hacking village: a whole-day event themed with one specific topic, for example lock-picking or car-in-a-box hacking challenge with its own programme;
  • a mental health care pack: a dedicated room for everyone to take care of themselves, rest from the crowd and noise of the conference and recharge;
  • an unique Real World Capture the Flag: Blue Team vs Red Team vs Law Enforcement;
  • an after party in the same location.

On top of the above we will have various shorter activities happening through the day in the general breakout area. We will be providing a light breakfast, lunch, a proper hacker-worth food in the evening, plus soft drinks and token-based alcoholic beverages (the location has a fully licenced bar open 04:30pm - 09:30pm).

We are also working closely with several community organisations and will have a dedicated team whose task for this event is to create, promote and enforce Code of Conduct for the conference to make sure that everyone is included. We will also have a certified physical security team on site during the event to ensure everyone feels safe and can enjoy themselves without worry!

Meet The Team

Stuart Peck (@CyberSecStu)

Stu is the Lead Organiser and Co-Founder of The Many Hats Club responsible for the overall direction and strategy for our Con, he has over 15 years’ experience in Infosec, and is known for his social engineering and OSINT engagements and Keynotes across Europe and US.

Toffee (@PolarToffee)

Toffee is our Talk Lead, handling all matters regarding team operations for Track 1 and 2 content. She is a malware analyst at an antivirus company.

Sy (@SyrusActual)

Sy's role with the conference covers all areas regarding the workshops, villages and breakout area activities. He is a developer with a focus on appsec.

Meadow Ellis (@NotAMeadow)

Meadow is working on the logistics of the conference and the venue operations. She is a hardware security engineer for fintech/law enforcement.


Come join us and make this conference a reality! Check out our full Sponsor Pack here or reach out to any member of the team!